16 Most Commonly used Free PHP Chat Scripts

Hi, here I am posting 16 most commonly used php chat modules. They are useful for web developers. Few of them are so simple that even a lay man can install them.


phpFreeChat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage. It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display the chat zone and the nickname zone. It supports multi-rooms (/join), private messages, moderation (/kick, /ban), customized themes based on CSS and plugins systems that allows you to write your own storage routines (ex: Mysql, IRC backends ?), and you own chat commands !

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X7 Chat

X7 Chat 3 is a complete recode of X7 Chat designed primarily with efficiency and stability in mind. The first alpha release has already been made available on the forums and development is currently proceeding at a rapid pace. X7 Chat 3 will support almost all of the features of X7 Chat 2 in addition to many new and updated features. The code will also be much cleaner thanks to the introduction of a better object oriented coding system and customization of the layout far easier thanks to a new template system.

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BlaB! Lite

BlaB! Lite 5 (freeware) BlaB! Lite is an AJAX based and best viewed with any browser chat system that supports MySQL, SQLite & PostgreSQL databases.


  • Supports almost any of the available browsers today: MSIE 6+, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • NO FLASH & NO JAVA: no additional plugins / server modules required
  • XHTML 1.0 STRICT and CSS2 compliant
  • 100% resizable, you can run it in iframes of almost any size
  • PHP4/PHP5/PHP6 compatible
  • Registration system allowing ‘guest’ users
  • ‘http’ links, emoticons, text formatting
  • History, bad words removal, Admin CP
  • Sound notification on new messages
  • Language, sound & timezone settings per user
  • UTF-8 based multilanguage support. The interface is translated in: Albanian, English, Deutsch, Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish

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Multi-Room Web Chat

Java/JavaScript Chat combines the advantages of direct internet connection using Java applet with easily customizable HTML/CSS interface. Server-side script is written for PHP/MySQL (MySQL optional). Features:

  • Multiple chat rooms
  • Private messages, Ignore list (with MySQL)
  • User info pages
  • Bandwidth-saving socket technology (Java applet). Note: the chat requires PHP sockets extension.
  • HTML/CSS interface: You can change dimensions, menu images, etc to customize the appearance of the chat by editing CSS file. You can add/remove menu buttons by editing HTML and/or JS files.
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The Hablator

The Hablator is an advanced GPL’ed chat script written in PHP and Javascript. It offers all of the features you could want in a chat script, while maintaining low server requirements, low client requirements, exceptional speed, and simple installation. In addition, The Hablator contains some features not found in any other chat scripts (I am aware of)!

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GrezorTeamSpeak – a simple PHP/Ajax chat script

GrezorTeamSpeak – a simple chat script – is written in PHP and Ajax. It is kept as simple as possible so that almost everyone can alter it to suit personal needs. It does not require any database or additional software. Tested in most browsers, works just fine. GrezorTeamSpeak allows basic authentication option so as to limit the access to trusted users only. Enjoy!

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TigerTom’s Chat Room Software (TTChat) is a simple chat room with some surprising features. It’s an easy set up. MySQL is not needed; it uses flat files. The membership database rotates; old users are dropped, so it’s low maintenance. Designed for low server resource usage, while being easy to maintain. Has a bad word filter. Has a ‘reserved names’ option, so names like ‘admin’ or ‘moderator’ can’t be used.

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Micro Chat

Micro Chat is a simple PHP based chat script with very easy installation. The script is designed for smaller traffic and so no database is required. You only need to upload the files and the script works fine. The look and feel is easy editable via CSS.

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Shoutbox mini chat

# wTag is a shoutbox (chatbox or mini chat) that is written in JavaScript and PHP, and using Ajax to exchange data with the server without need to reload an entire page.
# It uses MySQL database as backend.
# CSS based drop-down smileys menu. You have the option to enable/disable the display of smileys and smileys menu.
# Anti-spam filter: blocks messages that contain words or phrases that you set in the configuration file.
# Bad-word filter: replaces “bad words” that you set in the configuration file with symbols.
# Replace URLs catched in a message with clickable links.
# UTF-8 encoding for multilingual support.
# Compliance with XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS.
# Custom designs: it’s easy to change the chatbox look by editing the CSS files.
# A form validation and warnings display system.

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FreeShoutbox.net is a free shoutbox host Features: – HTML-code, so you can implement your shoutbox onto your site/forum/portal/blog/wh atever – Unlimited space/bandwidth – Fast & reliable server – Many templates to choose from, or create your own – Custom language setup – Delete unwanted shouts from the admin panel – Support forum, in case something goes wrong – Completely free, instant setup!

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A Really Simple Chat (ARSC)

A Really Simple Chat (ARSC) is a web chat tool based on PHP and MySQL.

  • No Java nor chat client program installation needed.
  • Many web browsers are supported, even text-only browsers.
  • Multiple rooms can be configured.
  • Rooms can be moderated, so only approved or answered messages become visible.
  • Multiple moderators and VIPs can be in each room, so a large moderated discussion can function like a radio show with several people answering phones and several guests answering questions. Only a single moderator/host is needed for smaller situations.
  • Open source, licensed under the GPL.

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  • Easy installation
  • Usable as shoutbox
  • Multiple channels
  • Private messaging
  • Private channels
  • Invitation system
  • Kick offending Users
  • Ban offending Users
  • Ignoring offending Users
  • Online users list with user menu
  • and many more…………….

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Free Php AJAX Chat Script

Free Php AJAX Chat with great speed and nice style. allow your visitors to have public or private chat in their web browsers. online DEMO available.

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Voodoo chat

Voc is a stream-chat engine which is designed to work on high-loaded chat-servers. It is written in PHP, but uses Perl or C++ for Voc-daemon — the special program to handle multiple user-connections. With Voc you can establish a chat which will serve hundreds of visitors simultaneously. And it’s html-based, so your chatters can use it from almost any browser. The Voc-engine includes a lot of features so it will be interested not only for a big chat owners.

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CPIN.com is your free resource of powerful and secure professional homepage tools developed in PHP with MySQL backend. With our scripts, you can upgrade your site up to professional internet resource level. All our projects are highly customizable and can be easily integrated into your existing hardware and software environments.

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MOHA Chat is a free and open source chat solution. Comes with intuitive web client. Less resource consuming on server side and fast on client side. Can run on most shared hosts. Only requires Apache with PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL on server side. Users can deploy a chat service in a matter of minutes and their users can use their browsers to use the service.

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